Submissions Policy

We are a print magazine.

Submissions of 3-5 poems, 10 pages of prose, or 4-5 images are taken any time of the day or night by standard United States or foreign mails.

CapGun Press
36-46 S. 4th St. B3
Brooklyn, NY 11211

You may address queries to alex [dot] carnevale [at] gmail [dot] com.

Our tastes skew experimental, so no epiphanies, please.

We also publish select non-fiction, but be familiar with what we like before querying us on the subject. Don’t send us a research piece about bulimia in the former Soviet Union.

We read submissions throughout the year. We pay by the word, but we’re not out of negative cents yet. Stick with us.

Buying an issue before submitting is your best bet, in this process as in life.

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