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From CapGun 1: Robert Creeley


Sun on the edges of leaves,
patterns of distant pleasure,
all that it meant
now gathered together.

Days all was away
and the clouds were far off
and the sky was heaven itself,
one wanted to stay

alone forever perhaps
where no one was,
and here again it is
still where it was.



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CapGun 1, $7 includes S&H.

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One Issue Down, One To Go

We are currently accepting submissions for CapGun 2, which is going to be a beautiful object if our finances stay good. Please send us your work by June 10th.

The theme of Issue 2 is, as Alex puts it, “writing about emotions or sensations that have never been felt before in human history.”

We’re looking for like eight more poems. And art. Send us your best!

You can check out our live and current affliates, This Recording and Royal Oak Salon.

To quote from our influential first issue, “this thing is about wanting to set a bomb off but instead swallowing some spit in a dark tunnel alone.”

::Will Hubbard and Alex Carnevale, Eds. ::