Submit to the Beacon of Amazement And Delight That Is Surely To Be CapGun Three

Now Accepting Submissions for CapGun 3!

As of this moment we are accepting your submissions of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, non-scholarly musings, and artwork for CapGun 3.  Please see below for our detailed submissions guidelines. We hope you are well.

We want your work for CapGun 3.

We are a print magazine.

Submissions of 3-5 poems, 10 pages of prose, or 4-5 images are taken any time of the day or night by electronic mail.

You may address queries to submit [at] Please include “CapGun3 submission” in the subject line!

Our tastes skew experimental, so no epiphanies, please.

We only accept e-mail submissions of poetry, fiction and images. Please paste the text of your document into your e-mail. If your piece has images or difficult formatting, please query us first, via the e-mail address above.

We also publish select non-fiction, but be familiar with what we publish before querying us on the subject. Don’t send us a research piece about bulimia in the former Soviet Union. We get it, we totally do, but it’s not for us.

We pay by the word, but we’re not out of negative cents yet. Stick with us.

Buying an issue before submitting is your best bet, in this process as in life.

Use the links at the side and begin the beginning.

Alex Carnevale and Will Hubbard, editors

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